Wolf Marshall: World famous Guitarist/Educator/Author of countless music transcription books, Founder of "Guitar One" magazine says: "I use the Music Stamp fretboard stamp often in my private teaching and in preparing diagrams for professional publication. The self-inking capability and the ease of application are my favorite features. It has withstood years of use and continues to work perfectly. I recommend the product to anyone interested in having quick and easy access to fretboard blanks."

Jody Fisher: Associate Director of the National Guitar Summer Workshop's California and Nashville Campus, faculty member of the University of La Verne Teacher says: "You don't know how long I've looked for a high quality set of stamps like this. They seem perfect for my purposes. These would come in handy in my teaching of course, but also when I work on the first drafts for my publications. Both guitar stamps look great and I think the standard notation stamp is an excellent idea and very useful. Seriously, I think you have a very good product and I am happy to endorse these products. Sure would have come in handy about 20 books and a million students ago........"


John Morgan: World Class Guitarist covering all styles, founder of the highly popular on-line full service guitar instructional site www.playtheguitar.com says: "After using this little gem for a while your reaction will be like mine, "Hooray, no more wiggly lines" and "Where have you been all my life?" A "must" for guitar teachers; a great convenience for serious students. This is a very handy tool for quickly laying down fretboard diagrams. We want to spend time playing the guitar, and thus how good of a player would I be if I hadn't spent so much time drawing fretboard diagrams! Thanks for coming up with such a cool and useful product!"

"Robert, I’m stamping every day (at least five or six days a week.) I have over 50 students. I don’t know how I would survive without my stamper. By the way, you may want to emphasize durability in your ads. I’ve probably dropped that stamper on the floor a million times with no ill effects! It was running a little low on ink but one of my students gave me a re-inker and it’s stamping as beautifully as ever. Best product ever!"- John Morgan


"As a teacher, I love your product!" - Paul Gelpi, USA

"The stamp arrived this morning! Thank you very much for such excellent service. I can't have it to use yet because it's for my birthday on the 18th. My worries that it would not arrive in time were unfounded. I will be back in touch when I need further supplies. Many thanks again for exceeding my expectations." - Regards, Harris Northover, U.K

"I received my stamp yesterday and I couldn't be more pleased! I will be ordering more in the near future." - John Schick, USA

"Robert, The stamp arrived Saturday. It works like a charm! It will come in handy for my praise music at church. Thanks again," - Tom Maier, USA

"Robert, Thanks very much for the thank-you e-mail reply. It's much appreciated when a merchant thanks a person for their business as you have done. This along with the ease of the process has made this a very pleasant shopping experience. Thanks again."  - Roy Davis, USA

"Robert, I had a bit of a traumatic week last week. As one of my students was packing up her books and papers after her lesson she inadvertently picked up my fretboard stamper. A few minutes into the next lesson I realized what had happened. Thus began a week of squiggly, hand-drawn fretboard diagrams – eliciting many humorous comments from my students, many of whom had never seen one of my hand drawn diagrams. The best comment was, "that looks a little like a Picasso with some kind of 3-dimensional thing going on." Fortunately I survived the week and the stamper came back home. The universe in once again in balance. Thanks for making an indispensable product." - John Morgan, USA

"Just a quick e-mail to say thanks for the great service - received the music stamp. I will be purchasing again soon. Thanks!!"  - Simon Revill, UK

"Hi Robert, I have just received the MSG-3 music stamp that I purchased from you. It's great. The size of it is superb. It makes a whole lot of difference from my messy hand written chord work. I’m very happy that I stumbled across your product. You may be hearing from me in the near future Rob as I’m going to purchase a few more different stamps from you, For lead work and scales etc. Once again, Thank You" - Frank Zergarra, Australia

"Looks really good. I can't wait to use it." - Richard Green, New Jersey, USA

"Dear Robert, Stamps arrived safely, many thanks. They are exactly what I have been needing – I am fed up hand-drawing fret diagrams that look really messy when I do them on my sheet music. These stamps blend in well and look so professional! Cheers" - Drew Provan, London, UK

"Hello! The stamp already arrived to day! It looks great, and I expect it will do things a lot easier for me. Thank you," - Einar Schoyen, Norway

"Hi, Just a note to say that the stamper I ordered arrived today here in Scotland, only 5 days after I ordered it. I say that's great service- thanks a million. Oh, and the stamper is pretty cool, no more wiggly chord boxes for my pupils. cheers guys, you rock!" -
Iain Robinson, Scotland, UK

"Mr Tardik, I received my music stamp a few days ago and I am delighted with it thus far. It is exactly what I needed! I will keep you posted as to it's performance. It is a GREAT idea. Thanks much!" - Dave Eskeland, NH, USA

"Thanks for your reply-these Musicstamps will be invaluable to my Son-he read about them in his American guitar magazine. Cheers!"
- Lilian Saunders, USA

"These look like very cool products. I can't wait to get my new toys." - Elizabeth A Everson Phoenix, AZ

"Robert, I’m THRILLED with the Stampers. The quality is everything I could have hoped for…and more. Respectfully," - John Baugher

"I really love your products. I teach guitar a bit and am always using the tab and MSG-1 stamps. Thanks Robert. I am going to order one of your mandolin stamps. " - Kevin Coffey, USA

"Thanks Robert. I really like some of the products in the brochure and will get in touch.The stamp is fine, it's a terrific idea. Great for teaching and no more hand drawn chord charts. All the best. Regards, " - Mark Ryan, Australia

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